Jan Griscom

Resistance Training Specialist



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 Mission: "To Teach My Clients The Best Path to Achieve Their Goals. From Professional Athletes to People Who Want to Live a Life They Love, I have a Unique Approach. It isn't No Pain No Gain, It should Be No Brain No Gain"


 Fitness for a lifetime

We all have personal battles with health and fitness. It seems that we don't often win in this arena. It is time to start that winning now. I think that if we tackle it on a different level we will win more battles than we lose. I have come to some realizations recently about the industry that I love.
We need to move on with our thought process and start setting some very realistic goals. Lets begin with the notion that we need to make peace with our past failures in fitness. The days of battling with our nightmares are over. The first most important goal is that of making exercise a regular part of our lives. Sit down now and put fitness on your calendar every day. Start with 5 minutes a day. Do something you like. Walk, stretch, dance, skip, or be silly as long as it is movement of any kind. Commit to yourself as though it is committing with your family because it is ultimately the best most important unselfish, selfish time you could spend. Everyone in your life benefits if you are healthy, your children, your spouse, your friends, and your coworkers. You can only be superb if you allow yourself to be that.