Jan Griscom

Resistance Training Specialist





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Education and Certification:

              UNLV Bachelor of Science Kinesiology

              UNLV Master of Science Candidate Bio Mechanics

              American Council of Exercise CPT

              RTS Resistance University Resistance

   Training Specialist

              RTS Resistance University Mastery Course

              NASM Faculty (1988-1999)

       ACE Faculty Advisory Board



              Biomechanics of Strength

              Weight Management and Life Coaching

              Sport Specific Training

              Running and Tri-Sports Training Optimization

              Special Populations (Chronic Illnesses or Orthopedic Issues)

              General Fitness

              Postural Re-design

              Gym Design


Mission: "To Teach My Clients The Best Path to Achieve Their Goals. From Professional Athletes to People Who Want to Live a Life They Love, I have a Unique Approach. It isn't No Pain No Gain, It should Be No Brain No Gain"



           40 Years Experience in Personal Training